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Ecumenical Camp 2016

Our Experiences

A day of service

We are living the eight edition of the Ecumenical Camp in Loreto, in Italy from 5th to 12th August. During the second day of the camp, we had the opportunity to experience the time with persons in need, we had the chance to try the work of mercy, to offer out attention to people in need. Chiara, a participant from Italy, went to "Divina Provvidenza", an institution who takes care of old women with Down Syndrome. Together with her team she sang and danced with the persons who lived in that institute. "Even if they were old and sick, they made us feel welcome. We had fun and we understood that happiness doesn't need an age to be lived", Chiara said. Laura, who is at her second experience in the Ecumenical Camp in Loreto, said about her experience that as a group they learned that everyone can feel loved: "With a simple song or dance, and with the smiles on our faces. everyone feels beloved". Andreea, an eighteen years old participant from Romania visited a place where people with AIDS live, named "Il Focolare": "We learned that, for those people, this center represents more than a place of conviction: it is a home of hope". The participants received information about the illness and they sang for the people who lived there. "This experience gave us a new perspective about life, hope and charity", Andreea concluded. Cătălina, an eighteen years old teenager, went to visit an asylum with a team composed of Italian, Hungarian and Romanian young participants at the camp. Those living in the asylum were full of life and very excited about their guests. "It was amazing for us to see their happiness and we realized that even though they are old people, their souls are young." Cătălina told me. There were also participants who visited an orphanage, like Beatrice did. She said that the house where those kids lived was a beautiful place, with a pool and many board games for them to play, almost anything you need, without biological parents." The kids form a beautiful family with those who take care of them, however they miss their parents", Beatrice said. All the participants who visited an orphanage at the camp loved to spend time with people in need, and the experience of charity and mercy was a good way to realise how blessed they are because they have their families and friends close to them and they are healthy. Bianca Dacin

Who are we?

The "From EurHope to EurHome" project is an ecumenical movement of the European youth. Our goal is to achive unity among Cristians by living according to the Words of Jesus Christ. At the moment the partecipants involved in the project are from different confessions:

Roman and Greek Catholics, Ortodox, Lutherans and Anglicans. They are spread all around Europe: Italy, Romania, Denmark, Sweden and England. A fundamental question of our meetings is: "Why are we divided if we feel wonderful together?"

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